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I was born in the German town of Speyer in January 1950. Having studied geodesy in Karlsruhe and Munich, I moved to Berlin, where I obtained my PhD in the field of geophysics in 1983. I was then appointed a professor at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in 1986, a position which I left seven years later before founding the private sector company Cremer Programmentwicklung GmbH in 1995 in order to create software for surveyors and civil engineers. I handed over the daily management duties of this company to my successor in 2007 and have been preparing since then to move on to pastures new.

I have given great thought to how I should present myself and my life. A person's life has so many aspects, with the most obvious ones being the social aspects: job, position in society and other achievements. Many people define themselves solely by these and almost inscribe the titles attained and their list of achievements on their gravestones.

And one can certainly hide well behind a glossy exterior. Although, I could sense my soul as a young child, it became buried under stones and debris as my career developed. In 1989, at the height of my career, I became acutely aware that I had climbed too high and no longer had both feet on the ground. I had sold my soul in order to acquire titles and social standing. So I turned around, and it was during this period that I painted the picture that now appears on my welcome page. Now, many years on, I found it again and have furnished it with a suitable text.

There is no replacement for an animated and close relationship with one's own soul. So I am looking for myself - and no priest or therapist or anybody else can provide a comprehensive answer. I thus find myself on the road as a wanderer, getting to know the world in its varying aspects and repeatedly asking - who am I really?

Konrad Cremer


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