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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a natural state as is sleep. Neither a state of sleep nor meditation can be forced by willpower - all that can be done is to provide the right surrounding conditions and then wait for sleep or meditation to descend on its own. Meditation is basically sleep plus wakeful awareness.

Sleeping Cat

I don't think that cats are able to meditate, but it is said they can hear a mouse patter along while they are asleep. And a sleeping cat is a perfect symbol of meditation, as only cats can relax so deeply.

Meditation can easily slide into sleep, particularly if the body needs rest. Meditation can also happen spontaneously. While hiking, one may stop in the middle of a wood without any intention. One may hear water dripping from a nearby source or the majestic sound of the birds around. And suddenly, one has a revelation: I am standing here, totally alone, and everything appears to be new. It is as if one suddenly becomes acutely aware of one's own being.

What is it good for?

Every human being has the potential to become aware of one's own being. Although this potential is given to us by nature, it is realized by only very few people, because our energy is usually wasted on worthless purposes in life: more money, greater reputation, more power, or more friends. All these achievements are ultimately worthless, because death will take them away in the end. Meditation is the only way that can reveal our immortal being: the innermost core that exists forever without change.

How can Meditation be practiced?

Contemporary humans are incessantly occupied by thoughts and projects - otherwise they turn off and go to sleep. Meditation has thus become almost impossible. Osho, who has attained the highest peaks of human consciousness, has designed Dynamic Meditation in order to help modern people get rid of all their deep-rooted repressions and tensions, so that a state of meditation can descend on its own, without any effort. Once the practicing of Dynamic Meditation has resulted in meditation being experienced for a while, one is free to start experimenting with other techniques suitable for one's further path.

I have decided to do Kundalini Meditation on a daily basis. The soft ticking of my distant clock is almost inaudible, and it helps me go deeper into silence and watch the subtle states of consciousness. In that state of silence, meditation sometimes happens, but sometimes doesn’t.

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